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Your wedding’s musical ambience

Your wedding is a unique and memorable event, which requires a professional DJ for your musical entertainment. After all, the music has a big influence on the ambience and character of your wedding party – be it in a positive or a negative sense.

Contrary to a club, the audience at a wedding usually is a melting pot of different guests with friends and family of all ages. It is a challenge to suit every guest’s taste and requires a high level of musical skill and knowledge of the DJ.

Booking DJ Oliver guarantees a great experience. Whether this means the right background music, moderation, dance music, latin beats, party hits, current charts or oldies, I will arrange your individual music program according to your taste and yet add a professional and personal touch.

Your evening arrangement

Usually – accounting for the fact that changes and adaptations go without saying – I begin my musical appearance with subtle lounge music during your aperitif. This could be jazz, bossa nova, chill-out music or romantic love songs. Later, during dinner, entertainment will be discrete yet enjoyable background music, peppered with oldies and current hits. The important thing at this point is to maintain a low volume – where music is in the background yet creates a good atmosphere.

At a given time, music will transform to multi-facetted dance music. Music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and current charts are styles popular with most. But also waltz, rock ‘n roll, twist, disco and many other styles can be woven into the course of your evening. Of course, I am happy to grant spontaneous requests of your wedding guests.

Good to know

The wedding couple and wedding guests can have a significant influence on the course of the music program. I always coordinate with the bride and groom, determine your musical preferences with a questionnaire and happily grant your guests’ spontaneous song requests. To sample the wide range of musical styles, take a look at the Sound tab.

Technical information

DJ Oliver’s professional equipment can be adapted to several different room sizes. See more information in the Equipment tab.

Why choose DJ Oliver for your wedding?

  • On time
  • Reliable
  • Many years of experience in clubs
  • Over 250 wedding DJ engagements
  • Vast musical repertoire
  • Neat presentation
  • Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for a free customized offer.

DJ Oliver. Wedding DJ Zurich, Zug, St. Moritz,Lucerne, Weggis: He loves weddings and he does them well. For wedding Djs in Zurich he works with all the finest venues on a regular occasion.

There are still bookings available in 2020!

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