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Technical equipment & music

Let’s play Your Big Day, Stress Free!

What kind of speakers, cables, DJ technical equipment, microphones and light effects does DJ Oliver use?

I use equipment perfectly adapted for mobile use. This can change and is continuously adapted to new standards.

So not to compromise the festivities, I will place cables so there are no tripping hazards or that they would compromise the look of your venue. If you would like to know more about technical details, click the equipment tab.

Today’s technology allows access to an enormous amount of music selections. Several hits of the last 6o years are part of my standard collection. All inall it contains a vast amount of many different styles. Your choice of music will be planned as you request. Based on my many years of experience, I am happy to make recommendations. You can find a list of my musical repertoire in the musical repertoire tab.

The music sets the tone! To ensure great sound, you need a good stereo. High quality sound is an important part for real music enjoyment. A good party is not based on volume but on the right choice of songs and an excellent stereo. A good stereo is composed of different parts:

Performance Amplifier

My loudspeakers and power amplifier are compatible units. The HK Audio sound system with a high performance subwoofer can be easily positioned with two satellite speakers. These allow perfect acoustics for the entire room as well as your dance floor. I always carry two systems with me – I can use the additional one for larger facilities but it also serves as a backup if the first one should ever fail.

Mixing console, turntables, CD player and mp3 files

The Digital Age made its way to the mixing consoles for some time now. I use a Denon digital DJ Mixer ,which is perfectly paired with a Denon Midi controller. Even though some DJs believe that vinyl records are essential for a real DJ show, I rely on mp3s and a first class DJ program via laptop and don’t use turntables anymore. I clearly favor the advantages of digital files. First, my collection includes more than 50’000 titles. No matter how exotic a request, I most likely have the piece you request. I would need a bus to transport the same amount of titles on records. As a backup, I do bring two professional Pioneer CD players and a large CD collection.

Cordles microphones

Often, microphones are required for speeches and live productions. My cordless Shure microphones are top notch with very little feedback risk (that well known hissing sound).


Would you like to show a PowerPoint presentation at your event? If so, I will bring a high performance beamer and screen. Of course, I will also make sure I have the necessary adapter and sufficient cables to hook up your laptop with my stereo.


My DJ equipment is top quality, well taken care of and perfectly fit for mobile use. A fast installation (and teardown) within one hour is guaranteed. If ever one of my components should fail, I have a replacement ready to make sure your music will not come to an abrupt close.

If you have any questions you can message me!

General Info: DJ Oliver is a provider of DJING and KARAOKE for Company events.

There are still bookings available in 2020!

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