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Nothing has as much influence on a great atmosphere as music

It should suit the host and as well as the guests. My music program is diverse and covers many styles of music. Of course there are party classics appealing to many generations. These titles are practically always enjoyed and are a must for every successful party. Nevertheless, every party is unique and I adapt my program to the hosts’ preference. Thanks to my broad music collection, I can easily fulfill spontaneous music requests.

You love music? With DJ Oliver you will be dancing far into the night. You can get an impression of my music collections’ variety with the following selection of the most common styles usually played at a party.

Current hits

If you don’t go forward you go backwards. The same is true with my musical repertoire. Of course classics should not be missed but music evolves and often, old music is reused and incorporated into new hit songs. If you are over 30, it doesn’t mean that you’re too old to enjoy current hits. I keep up to date by continuously checking the current Swiss and international charts. Being a member of the largest Swiss DJ network, my music collection also includes new and special remixes of edgy tunes and titles of the Swiss music scene.


Those were the days when kitchen walls were plastered with Pril flowers (a flower used to advertise a detergent in the 70s) and black and white TV was taken over by color TV. The VW bug was Dad’s favorite thing and tapes were part of every household. Disco balls in discotheques, red warming lamps or colored bulbs were used for lighting effects. CDs and mp3s? They didn’t exist. DJs would play their music with original vinyl records. These were the cult decades with one of a kind superstars such as Donna Summer, Abba, the Bee Gees, Depeche Mode and Neue Deutsche Welle. These two
decades have shaped who I am. The great thing about the 70s and 80s is that they get many generations’ heart pumping.

90s and “noughties”

The good old 90s brought about some great party hits. Do you remember the Hansons with MmmmBop? La Bouche, Dr. Alban or Whigfield’s summer hit Saturday Night? The common ground was called Eurobeats, which was actually very simple and copied many times. This is how it was done: a (usually Afro-American) guy put his heart and soul into rapping to fast beats while a tender-voiced young woman would do the chorus. And there you go, a hit song is born. More great hits emerged from the years after 2000. The Pussycat Dolls, Pink, Robby Williams and Alcazar are only a small part of this times’ really good music. I am proud to say that I have personally met with Scatman John, Toni Braxton, the Backstreet Boys and Haddaway, Faithless for radio interviews.

Chillout, Nu-Jazz and dinner sound

No matter if it is for dinner, a cocktail party, for your hors d’oeuvres, a reception or a gala dinner, a DJ can significantly add to the atmosphere with the right background music and his personal touch. Ideally I chose lounge music which experienced a boom in the years around 2000.

Enjoy time traveling with Pop, Jazz, Evergreens and Down Tempo music. Background music is also very suitable for a weddings’ demanding ambience. Love songs intertwined with cheerful Jazz songs will make your dinner a romantic experience. Depending on the situation, music can change to more upbeat and fun music later on – during dessert for example.


Latin Beats has definitely evolved over the years. Bands like the Gipsy Kings and Gloria Estefan started what went on to Ricky Martin in the 90s and Shakira’s distinct music well known in Europe. Very recently a new style established itself: Reggaeton! One thing is for sure, Latin music makes you feel good and is part of my program as well as the 60s La Bamba cover version by Los Lobos.

Oldies & Evergreens

Many pop songs only appear for a short period of time before they vanish from the charts and are forgotten. Some titles, however, manage to stick around for decades and are covered by other bands and withstand changing music tastes. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones and Paul Anka are such artists loved by many generations. Their songs go well with any kind of party and should not be missed.

Party classics

Of course they exist! Timeless party classics are always enjoyed and able to transform weddings or company events in to a great party. These titles lift everyone’s spirit and go with practically any kind of event: company events, weddings, birthday or New Years’ parties.

A professional DJ always has these groovy classics available. Party classics are often especially played for parties with guests 30 years and older and usually include hits of the 70s, 80s and current charts. Examples are “Relight my Fire“ „Highway to Hell“ and Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb”. My titles are a good mix of the last 60 years’ biggest hits and will heat up your party. No later than after dinner the party music will get everyone up and dancing. Rock, soul or disco pop, I will play whatever style of music you request.

Ballroom dance

In the old days, pretty much every party included disco fox dancing. This is still true at ballroom dance clubs and it’s a special treat for the older audience when this kind of music is played. Due to my engagements at a dance academy in Schaffhausen several ballroom dance titles (which experienced a comeback with the show “Let’s Dance”) are part of my repertoire: Viennese or English waltz, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive or Rock’n Roll. Also, current titles and classics are definitely available.

Please note:
So you will not miss your personal favorites at your party, we will agree upon the music program beforehand. You can use the electronic questionnaire here. Take your time to fill it out so I will know what style of music you favor and what styles should be kept to a minimum (or not played at all). Of course we can also talk about your music preferences in person.

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