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Same Sex / gay wedding

Let’s play Your Big Day, Stress Free!

A wedding is perhaps the most memorable event of a person’s life.

Many people remember for long after: the people, the dresses, and the food all tied together in a neat package by the music. Excellent music accompanies excellent memories.

The proper DJ maneuvering the music can set the tone for the event, not only for the two who are to be wed, but for everyone present.

For a gay wedding, a gay-friendly DJ with whom the clients are at ease expressing their musical requirements is a must. The songs must be tailored so that they suit the tastes and personalities of the clients, reflecting their own personalities but also fit the theme of the wedding.

To achieve this, good communication is required from the start. Moreover, the music must also fit the tastes of the guests present, so that they their memories too are evoked by the excellent music.

Because of the diversity that a song selection for a wedding is required, the DJ must have an immense knowledge of the wide range of music that is present. The DJ’s own experience at various parties and previous events also helps bridge the gap between the clients’ requirements and what is most suitable for the gay wedding.

An experienced, friendly and interactive gay-friendly DJ can add much to the flavor of the wedding and the wedding guests’ enjoyment.

Tailoring the music according to the mood of the event and fitting the song selection to the theme can exponentially increase the enjoyment of the gay wedding. Since the day revolves around the clients, it is important that the DJ listens to the clients’ visions and ideas and adds his own touches wherever appropriate.

A thorough discussion and an amicable agreement ensures that the clients’ requirements are completely filled and the event goes how the client wants it too.

The disco and equipment goes a long way in adding to the ambiance of the gay wedding and it should be according to theme. A touch of classy elegance can transform an event, making the wedding an absolutely sensational event.

A DJ who knows when to play certain tracks can set the different moods of the evening, transitioning from one feeling to another making the wedding even more memorable.

This comes from an ability to enjoy music and an inherent skill to be able to mix and match tracks according to the gay wedding.

A go-through of the event by the gay-friendly DJ can ensure that the client knows what is going to happen and that at the actual event everything runs smoothly.

At a gay wedding, the DJ must be able to play all sorts of music so that both the young and the old are up and dancing and everyone can join in to the fun. That is the mark of a night to remember!

There are still bookings available in 2020!

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