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How do you avoid an unpleasant wedding reception surprise?

Hire an experienced DJ rather than an unpredictable band. A DJ will play music to your taste rather than a limited repertoire of their own. A DJ depends only on his/herself rather than band members who may sleep late. A DJ answers to you and not a band that may have overwhelming personnel issues. A DJ in most cases is much more cost efficient.

Music Style:

DJ’s will have thousands of songs available at a touch. They can tailor the music selection to any genre, style, beat that you want. Most bands are limited to one or two genre’s in their arsenal. You may want to dance to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams with your spouse but dance to “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. How many bands can do both? Make sure the young, the old, and those in between are accommodated. Make sure that the music being played conforms to your moral standards.

Managing Personnel:

A DJ performs alone and may have an assistant to help set up. Bands have to set up their equipment, do mike checks, etc. before playing. Bands may have many members and you have to depend on each one being diligent enough to even show up on time. There are just too many variables not under your control with a live band.

With a DJ you have one person only to manage. Get around, check out a few DJ’s in action. See who you think you can strike up an instant rapport with. It is much more difficult to get to know and like each member of a band.


When you hire a DJ after checking their references you can be very sure that you are going to get the same quality. With a band how many people do you have to depend on? The guitarist may be having a bad day. In the unlikely event your DJ has an unforeseen incident it is much easier to book a standby DJ than a standby band who’s music you may never have heard. A DJ can keep the music going during the whole affair. Bands have to take periodic breaks, and what do people dance to during those breaks? Recorded music.

Personnel Issues:

With a DJ you have one person to deal with. The DJ is solely responsible to you and your taste. As we all know live bands can be totally unpredictable. How many have seen singers who drank just a little too much? Drummers who overwhelm the other instruments because they are angry? Disharmony among band members leading to disastrous music? And we have all heard of the band leader with ego or drinking issues.


Booking a DJ for a wedding will normally cost between CHF 1000 and CHF 1600 for the event. Bands can cost thousands to tens of thousands of Swiss Francs depending on their experience, repertoire and references.

So when you are planning the biggest day of your life make sure you have as few loose ends as possible. Is your venue large enough for an entire band? Does it have enough electrical capacity to handle all the equipment? Is it easier to book a standby

DJ in case of an unforeseen incident on an entire band? Most DJ’a are experienced Masters of Ceremony. Many band leaders are not. Also consider a DJ can easily switch between tempo’s and genre’s depending on which part of the reception you are in. Quiet mood music during the cake cutting, to romantic first dance, to full out party music.

So make your wedding planning easier, make your big day incident free. Consider a DJ after checking references and watching at least one of their shows. Meet him or her to get a sense of their personality. That is the only you’ll have to deal with.

Posted by DJ Oliver, Wedding DJ Zurich

Posted by DJ Oliver, Wedding DJ Zurich

With more than 10 years of DJ experience, DJ Oliver offers good dance beats to accommodate any taste, and a great time, every time! With his friendly, courteous and discreet style, DJ Oliver can interact with anyone. DJ Oliver is your number one DJ in Switzerland for weddings, corporate events, or just a fantastic party!!!

There are still bookings available in 2019!

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