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Time and again, I am being asked by my friends for some nightlife tips. “You are DJ and get around. So you know what’s going on.” Indeed this is the case and for this reason, I have created a new section in my blog. Here, people can find my recomendations and location tips for going out – not only in Zurich.

In my first article, I would like to start off with one of the most beautiful places Zurich has to offer. The Barfuss Bar is located in the immediate vicinity of the Bürkliplatz and is very easy to get to by tram. Open from May to October and during the day a public swimming pool for women only. (The equivalent for men, by the way, would be the Rimini). But, when the day is drawing to a close, everyone is welcome at the bar. There are 3 themed evenings from 8pm to midnight in the Barfuss Bar:

Wednesday (culture: readings, theater or live music)
Thursday (bar)
Sunday (La Balera, dance until 11pm)

On hot summer nights the location is almost unbeatable. The city lights are reflected in the water, the Grossmünster church is illuminated and guests sit on the ground or on benches. Ad to this the not too overpowering music of a DJ or band. All this gives you the feeling of not being in the canton of Zurich, but on a paradise island somewhere in the ocean. Barefoot Bar – this is to be taken literally. The shoes wait at the entrance. And on Sunday is dancing time – barefoot and open air. With this, we have arrived at my favorite evening.

Tip: Get there early

On hot summer nights it is worthwhile to be there ahead of time. To be specific: door opens at 8pm and therefore be sure to be at the entrance by latest 7:45pm. Unfortunately, there is only room for a limited number of guests. As far as I know, approx. 250 patrons are already the limit. Then sometimes, people stand in line all the way into the Bauschänzli. By the way, in the summer of 2017 the Barfuss Bar will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Bad weather

This, is by the way, no reason to not visit the Barefoot Bar. Even during a summer downpour, I can attest this location a certain charm. Advantage: no lines because it does not draw as many people to the Barefoot Bar and those, who want to stay out of the rain, can dance under the 2 pavilions. Sometimes there are even free umbrellas at the checkout for the way home.

The DJ’s

Of course, the music is always a matter of taste and the Barefoot Bar operators try to cover a broad music portfolio with their DJ selection. My favorites are:

DJ Minus 8

Plays nice Disco titles, current and classic tracks in exciting remix versions, all mixed together with love.

DJ Daniel

Plays African sounds, which of course is a great soundtrack for Sunday evening on really hot summer days.

DJ Pipo

Plays really nice funk music. There are true classics.

DJ Luca Papini

He is a local hero of Zurich, a true bird of paradise. With him, you get beautiful classics from the 80’s and just whatever else is great for dancing.


For me, it’s the ideal combination on a Sunday. Around 6pm dinner with friends in the beer garden of the Bauschänzli and after that go directly to the Barfuss Bar.


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Phone: +41 44 211 95 92

Posted by DJ Oliver, Wedding DJ Zurich

Posted by DJ Oliver, Wedding DJ Zurich

With more than 10 years of DJ experience, DJ Oliver offers good dance beats to accommodate any taste, and a great time, every time! With his friendly, courteous and discreet style, DJ Oliver can interact with anyone. DJ Oliver is your number one DJ in Switzerland for weddings, corporate events, or just a fantastic party!!!

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