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Here they are… the 9 worst lies a DJ will tell you, all in the name of booking your business helping you find the right DJ for your wedding.

1. You’ll meet your DJ later.

Yes, later. Like two weeks before your wedding. We’ll still have an incredible, experienced, in-demand DJ, who is an expert in every type of music you like and just happens to not be booked on your date. No, of course you won’t be getting the only loser that nobody else wanted to book!

2. I can’t possibly give you the price until we meet.

How could I give you a price when I haven’t yet figured out how much you can afford? I haven’t seen your ring or your car or your handbag yet, so I can’t really get a sense for how much I can gouge you. It will be much easier if we meet in person first

3. I normally charge X, but for you, I’ll charge Y.

Yes, you’re that cool. And of course my price isn’t at all artificially inflated just to allow me that “wiggle room.” Does that mean I was lying to you a second ago? Of course not! Here are plenty of people who have paid full price for my services, like… umm…well…

4. I can’t hold your date for you.

You need to book now! See, this extra-special price I’ve offered is only good for the next 3 minutes. And I have 5 other meetings scheduled right after yours. All for the same date. If you don’t snatch me up, someone else will! Better hurry! Here’s where you sign.

5. Two DJs are better than one.

You know that assistant I bring with me? He’s going to contribute greatly to your happiness on your special day. He does this by carrying all of my equipment for me, crawling around on the floor taping down wires, and fetching me drinks. He’s totally worth it. Really, he’s there for you – not me.

6. You need to come in for a live demo.

After you spend a half hour telling me the type of music you like, I will play that very same music – along with other similar music – on a DJ system. This is called “being a DJ” and it’s very different than what every other DJ on the planet does – it’s amazing. You won’t believe your eyes!

7. I own a magical piece of equipment that makes me the best DJ EVER!

You see, I’ve got this brand of speakers wireless speaker system new software super- secret piece of gear that increases my skill level and makes me choose better songs and make better announcements. Yeah, that’s it! And it can make me fly!

8. I invented this amazing thing called beatmixing, and no one else knows how to do it

It’s not like being able to mix songs on beat is an essential skill for DJs. It’s actually really high-level stuff, like maneuvering dental floss is for a dentist or chopping onions is for a chef. And I’m the only one in this area – no, in the world! – who can do it.

9. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, so of course I’m a better DJ!

Aren’t you impressed? 20 years! See, it’s longevity that builds skill, not talent or creativity – if you hang around long enough, you just get better. Last year I did 5 whole weddings, and all of them were in the back room at Al’s Fish-O-Rama. I’m on their preferred vendor list!

This article was written by mydeejay

Posted by DJ Oliver, Wedding DJ Zurich

Posted by DJ Oliver, Wedding DJ Zurich

With more than 10 years of DJ experience, DJ Oliver offers good dance beats to accommodate any taste, and a great time, every time! With his friendly, courteous and discreet style, DJ Oliver can interact with anyone. DJ Oliver is your number one DJ in Switzerland for weddings, corporate events, or just a fantastic party!!!

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