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Let’s play Your Big Day, Stress Free!

Music is an essential part of a wedding and quite literally sets the tone. No matter what style of music you choose, it will have a – good or bad – impact on your weddings party’s atmosphere.

Therefore, I would like to share some of my background knowledge on wedding parties, music, DJ-ing and bands. What makes a good wedding DJ? When should you choose to book a band and when would a DJ be the better choice?

1. Audience

Usually, several different generations are among the wedding guests. There’s the bride and groom with most of their friends in their 20-40s, the parents, grandparents as well as aunts and uncles – usually well above their 40s.

Not to forget the kids with their very own taste in music. Obviously, many musical worlds are colliding.

Grandma and Grandpa might be reminiscing on the pop or folk songs played at their own wedding, Dad and Mom might prefer to dance to Abba and love the 70s.

The bride and groom might be looking forward to dancing to Madonna, Rihanna, Usher or David Guetta. Last but not least, the kids might be big admirers of Shakira.

A band will have trouble satisfying all of these needs and usually only offers a narrow musical repertoire often limited to one generation’s style. A DJ on the other hand lacks the entertaining aspect of a live band.

A professional DJ has to be flexible and must offer a music selection for every taste.

2. The decibels

The volume is yet another thing perceived differently by the generations. A wedding DJ has the advantage that he can adjust the music’s volume seamlessly. Even if bands are doing an unplugged show, they do need a certain sound level to be able to play.

When you book a wedding DJ music will not be as loud as in a club. Guests can easily lead a conversation over dinner and volume can then be turned up when the party begins afterwards.

3. The look

A wedding is a festive occasion. A clean cut look is just as important as flawless technical equipment. This is true for wedding DJs as well as for live bands.

The right clothing, good judgment, reliability and punctuality go without saying.

4. The atmosphere

Booking a club DJ known to get 2000 persons to dance in a club or a disco does not guarantee the same good effect at a wedding party. The easiest way to find out about a wedding DJ’s quality would be to see him play at a wedding.

However, nobody wants his or her wedding to be a DJs promotional platform. Therefore and foremost, you need to rely on your gut feeling when first meeting a DJ. When a DJ or a band does a great job, they will most definitely receive an appreciative note from the bride and groom. I have an album full of such cards. If you are wavering in your decision, let me show you some of them.

ake a look at the reference tab.

5. Space

A wedding DJ only needs very little space because his show will not require a stage. All I need is a table of 2×1 m dimensions and an outlet. Some bands require a special power cable for their music and light equipment, this is not necessary for a DJ.

A DJ does not need a lot of space to do a great job.

6. Costs

Of course, a one-man-show is considerably less expensive than a duet or an entire live band. More on this topic in the costs tab.

Ask me for a free offer.


Music entertainment has an essential influence on a party’s outcome. Before making a big decision, I recommend meeting up to talk things through. When you meet a provider or get in touch via phone, it is advisable to ask questions about his or her experience and on how he intends to plan the evening’s program. How does a musician or DJ react to your own wishes and suggestions? Booking a DJ is not something you do every day so being well prepared for a meeting is helpful.

DJ Oliver is committed to make your day memorable – with great party music and happy and dancing guests!

DJ Oliver, your wedding DJ from Zurich. For wedding ceremonys in Zug, Weggis, Lucerne, Lugano.

There are still bookings available in 2020!

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