Funny and special wedding music videos

Getting married?

Try ‘marryoke’ – the latest karaoke trend for weddings where happy couples (AND their guests!) star in their own pop videos!

Wedding celebrations have (also) become increasingly competitive as couples search for novelty to impress their guests.

Now, wedding guests can breathe a sigh of relief – no more sitting through endless wedding photos or a four-hour long video of the big day. Instead they might find themselves having to lip-sync along to romantic hits such as ‘Perfect Day’ and ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ while in their wedding finery.

Traditional wedding videos are dissapearing in favour of these three-minute pop videos which can be easily shared on Facebook and YouTube. Popular tracks include I Gotta Feeling and Queens “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

Welcome to “marryoke” – the latest must-have for couples planning their Big Day. It’s marriage – plus karaoke. The bride, the groom and their family and friends all get to star in their very own pop video by miming along to their favourite tracks.

The footage is then cleverly interwoven with the video of all the traditional features of this special day, from the wedding ceremony to the last minutes of the reception following it. Because: don’t newly-weds always want to have a permanent record of the day?

“Recently, there has been a real shift in weddings,” says marryoke maker Billy May. “People are constantly looking for something that’s unique so there’s a real competitive element going on.
People search for something different at their weddings, whether it’s through the flowers, or the cake, the wedding surprises or the video. We’ve also noticed the newer role of social media because people want to upload photos and videos of their Big day on Facebook or YouTube.”

Husband and wife Billy and Katie May set up their company in 2011 having made a wedding video for friends and given it to them as a present. It got 50,000 hits after it was uploaded on YouTube; they then realised that they were onto something.

A few months later, they made a couple of marryoke videos for music producer Paul Higgins and his wife Clodagh McGeary and, aided by the appearance of the group One Direction, got more than two million hits.

Based in Northern Ireland, the couple now spend their time travelling to all kinds of countries such as Italy, Thailand, New York, Sri Lanka and hopefully… to Switzerland, too.